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This will allow for individualized planning and risk assessment and avoid a one size fits all approach.

Although many youth who commit sexual offenses have histories of being abused, the majority of these youth do not become adult sex offenders.

There must be a tiered and context-specific approach to accountability–a system that takes into account the age, development, and seriousness of abuse, and connects with appropriate consequences and supports.

Such comprehensive approaches will better serve survivors and communities, reduce recurrence, and connect those who are using abusive behaviors to the right therapies and interventions.

Whereas, the Denver Sex Offender Management Board addresses both adult and juvenile sex offenders.

Denver’s board implemented guiding principles that encompass standards of practice for treatment providers who specifically work with juveniles.

The support and stability in offender’s family structures also vary greatly.

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Some sex offender management boards only address problems concerning adult sex offenders and help enhance policies and practices for that population, such as the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB).Recently, the New Yorker Magazine published an article that featured the impact of sex offender registration for juvenile sex offenders and their families, considering a variety of juvenile committed offenses.The article highlights the long-lasting damage and unforeseen consequences of sex offender registration for juvenile offenders and prompts a critical conversation around what is the appropriate way to protect survivors, promote public safety, and prevent child sexual abuse.The other 20 were referred to a community-based Juvenile Review Board.The criminal case and community-based review board will determine the life these youths will live, some as convicted and registered sex offenders.

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